Grade - HDPE
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

PE is made in 2 main types: HDPE and LDPE. It is a polyolefine. PE has excellent isolation properties, making it suitable for electrical isolation. Furthermore, PE is resistant against acids, bases, saltsolutions, water, alcohol and oils.

HDPE can be used until 105 degrees celsius and becomes breakable at minus 50 degrees celcius. 45% of all HDPE are casted into various products such as buckets, crates etc. 40% is being blowmoulded into containers or bottles. These bottles are suitable for carrying various liquids except for drink which contain carbon dioxide. The reason for this is that HDPE bottles are permeable for gasses which will cause the carbon dioxide to slip out.

Some common end uses for recycled HDPE are plastic pipes, lumber, flower pots, trash cans, or formed back into non food application bottles.