Recyclecare (Australia) is able to provide a unique range of services that differentiate us from all other recycling companies. Our attitude of applying complete consideration to the clients needs ensures that the best possible solution is achieved. Recyclecare (Australia) provides the following range of services:

  • Collection and receiving of all grades of plastic from anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Island region, in either loose or baled form
  • Ability to process complete range of plastic grades whether originating from kerbside collections or industrial scrap
  • Sorting of plastic into required grades for manufacturing
  • Baling of plastic suitable for either road or container transport
  • Granulating and shredding of plastic
  • Washing of bottles and containers
  • Environmental audits and reviews
  • Extensive business relationships with numerous manufacturers in Australia and Asia to ensure product is supplied to best fit situation, maximizing return and avoiding landfill

Surplus Product Register

Should you have any plastic product that is creating a problem in finding a market or user that is either in your yard or your clients "please click here" and send us the details. Recyclecare (Australia) will utilise its extensive network of contacts to help move the product and provide a solution to the problem.